Ninth Graders Present Research Projects for National History Day


Students displayed a variety of their chosen history projects for National History Day. / Dr. Jacqueline Grant

Otto Hellmund, Staff Writer

Freshmen showcased their history research projects during the National History Day event in the Upper School Gym on Mar. 28. This year’s theme, “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas,” allowed students to explore a wide range of historical topics and events, showcasing their critical thinking and research skills. 

The students were required to choose a historical event which related to the theme and research upon that topic to create either an exhibit, documentary, website, or research paper. They then crafted a thesis based on their topic and made both a defense and counter argument on their claim. 

“These projects were a great way for the students to make connections between subjects and to further their academic growth in only their first year at the Prep,” Social Science Teacher Dr. Jacqueline Grant said. They will be able to use these strategies in the near future, especially since presenting like they did here is such an important skill to have in the business world.

The event featured a diverse array of projects, each highlighting different frontiers in history. From the impact of the Industrial Revolution on society to the role of women in the Civil Rights Movement, the presentations were thought-provoking and insightful, all while making the presentations engaging during the display. It was attended by students, faculty, and parents, all eager to see the results of the students’ hard work. The gym was transformed into a historical showcase, with posters, exhibits, and artifacts lining the walls. 

“Looking at all the complex and sophisticated projects at the gym that day was truly an incredible experience,” sophomore attendee Sebastian Schnur said. “I can tell the freshmen put a tremendous amount of effort into their projects, and it really showed in the quality of their work.” 

One featured project was a group presentation on the Frontier of Transportation. The students used multimedia presentations and interactive exhibits to explain the evolution of Transportation and how technology had an impact on it. 

“I really enjoyed the process of this History Project because I was able to collaborate with my peers,” freshman Isa Vega said. “I hope to have the opportunity to do something similar to this in my upcoming years of high school.”

Overall, National History Day at our school was a huge success, demonstrating the importance of critical thinking, research skills, and historical knowledge. The event was a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents and to engage with the wider school community. The Social Science Department looks forward to seeing what these students will achieve in their upcoming years of high school and how they will continue to explore the frontiers of history.