Commentary: NFL Season Recap


Yong Kim/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts runs during a week four game against the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2021 season.

Diego Collazo, Staff Writer

This NFL season has been one for the history books. For the first time in a long time it seemed like every team could win on any given week. Teams like the Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, and the New York Jets were all expected to perform poorly this year but they instead exceeded expectations. 

All aforementioned teams suffered from a poor team composition and suffered from a below average performance in the past season. “The Dolphins really shocked me this year and I did not expect to be this excited watching them,” Junior Jayce Townsley said.

The above average performance this season created a much more engaging atmosphere, causing fans to tune in all year: According to Variety, eight of the top ten most viewed television events in the United States this past year were NFL games, and this does not even include this year’s playoffs.

The playoffs have been very exciting this year as 14 teams had fans cheering on about the possibility of their team winning a Super Bowl. 

“I really thought that my Cincinnati Bengals were going to win it all this year,” Sophomore Julian Terry said. During the Conference Championship the Bengals suffered a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

After the Wild Card, Divisional, and Conference Championship games have finished, only two teams remain for a chance to represent their cities. The Kansas City Chiefs versus the Philadelphia Eagles is this year’s Super Bowl and it is a very highly anticipated matchup as they each had the best record for their conferences. Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is regarded as one of the best players in all of football but he will be facing one of the most well balanced teams in recent history: the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to Forbes the Philadelphia Eagles are currently two point favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl. Hopefully this Super Bowl will bring a lot of excitement to fans across the world and be the cherry on top for this year’s NFL season.