Valentina Rossi skiing while on vacation in Aspen, CO.

Valentina Rossi

“My New Year’s Resolution is to keep up with my grades. I expect to keep up with my resolution by working hard and meeting deadlines. My mom and dad are going to keep me in check, along with the support of my brother who will encourage me to work harder.
One of my goals to help me stick to my deadlines is writing down everything I’m doing in my agenda and checking off all my assignments as I go, as well as making sure that I study for tests in advance. These goals will benefit me and help me get into a good university.
I think that people start off strong with their resolutions, but they fall back into bad habits. Reminding yourself everyday about why you created the resolution and why it’s important to you should be a motivator to force you to achieve that resolution. A lot of people don’t have that discipline and fall into bad habits.”

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