Scoot Henderson: The Underdog of the 2023 NBA Draft


(L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Review-Journal/TNS)

Scoot Henderson of G League Ignite on Oct. 1, 2022, in Henderson, Nevada. He takes a break from practice hanging out on the basketball court at Dos Escuelas Park not far from his home.

Otto Hellmund, Staff Writer

It’s not a debate to say that Victor Wembanyama is the most anticipated NBA prospect since the LeBron James hype train. 

All this hype around Wembanyama leaves all the other prospects in his draft class under the radar (most notably Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, Dariq Whitehead, and Nick Smith). In predicted mock drafts for 2023, more often than not the first pick is Victor Wembanyama and the second is Scoot Henderson, according to NBADRAFT.NET. If I had first pick in the NBA Draft I’d take Scoot Henderson over Victor Wembanyama, here’s why. 

Scoot Henderson, has stayed healthy with no major injuries throughout his G League Career. At only 18 years old, Henderson has proved himself in the G-League as a consistent pass-first two-way guard. He’s been a leader for his squad and will have just as a prevalent role once he gets drafted into the NBA. His athleticism and mindset on the court is what stands out about him to scouts and is the reason why I believe he’ll be a superstar in the NBA. 

Don’t get me wrong, Victor Wembanyama is like no other prospect the basketball world has ever seen, with his supernatural length and guard-like abilities. The only thing holding him back when regarding his value on the court is whether or not he stays healthy. It’s unlikely Wembanyama will stay healthy throughout his career in the NBA, especially since he already has a history of long-enduring injuries during his French Professional Career. If he’s getting hurt in a league with far easier competition compared to the NBA, how could he possibly survive against the best of the best during the NBA’s 82 game season? Looking back, I guarantee whoever picks Wembanyama over Henderson in the NBA Draft will regret it.