Why You Should Go to a Rally


Sara Gelrud

Attendees listen to President Biden’s speech at a rally one week before Election Day. Biden spoke to the crowd in support of Charlie Christ and Val Demings who are running for Governor of Florida and a seat in the Senate respectively.

Sara Gelrud, Copy Editor

Have you never attended a political rally? Here are six reasons why you should attend the next one.

Last week, I attended the Florida Grassroots rally, featuring Democratic candidates for the upcoming midterm election. At the rally, I had the privilege of listening to speakers such as President Joe Biden, and current gubernatorial and senate candidates Charlie Crist and Val Demings, talk about the pressing issues our society faces and what they’re doing about them. Biden attended in support of Crist and Demings who are both on the ballot for the elections on Tuesday. Many congressmen and congresswomen, state senators, and celebrities also made appearances at the event.

While I didn’t agree with everything I heard during the rally, I gained many key takeaways I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. As future voters, we should all be informed about candidates’ platforms, and hear their views directly from them. Honestly, everyone should make it a point to attend a rally. And here’s why:

President Biden, Charlie Christ, and Val Demings walk off stage after a successful rally. The three individuals spoke at the rally and discussed the issues plaguing society. In doing so, they also proposed their plans moving forward. (Sara Gelrud)

1. Go to learn about the issues your state and the country faces.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know the basics of the current socio-political state of America: inflation, economic regression, women’s rights, affordable housing, the climate crisis – the list goes on. There’s usually something, however, that you probably don’t pay much attention to or just happen to not care about as much. By going to rallies, you will be exposed to a wide variety of topics. Even if you know about these issues, it’s always interesting to hear the individuals who have the power to shape the issues through legislation talk about them.

2. Go to listen to what your representatives are doing about it.

Now you know what issues the society you live in is faced with. You might not agree that every “issue” is exactly an issue to begin with. However, it’s important to know what changes might be coming, especially since this legislation is going to change the country you live in and might even affect you whether you realize it or not. For those who can vote, what you’re truly voting for is this kind of legislation when you fill out your ballot – something Charlie Crist drew attention to. “The stakes could not be higher for America. Our fundamental freedoms are on the ballot. And my friends, a woman’s right to choose is on the ballot,” said Crist who’s running for Governor of Florida.

3. Go to gain empathy.

At rallies, you get the chance to learn what certain issues are doing to your community which you might not have been aware of before. You also get a chance to hear the personal stories of people who have been affected by these issues. With these two aspects alone, you’re bound to gain some type of empathy for the groups of people affected. Also, if you don’t agree with everything being said, great! Honestly, I didn’t agree with everything said during the rally. What I noticed, however, is that I got a whole new perspective different from my own.

4. Go to learn about yourself.

The rally I attended provided a period of reflection for me that allowed me to learn about myself. I drew different conclusions and perspectives based on what I was hearing – not all of which were necessarily good. When you attend a rally (which I hope you will now because why else would you still be reading?), ask yourself how you felt when people were talking about certain issues. This might also help you realize that you might now know as much about politics as you think you do (or vice versa).

5. Go for the inspiration.

I must say that rallies are pretty inspiring! Listening to politicians letting you know that your vote truly does matter makes you realize how important your vote is. “Your. vote. counts. Every single one of your votes count,” said actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. Even though I’m not yet 18, knowing this motivates me to be excited about being able to vote in two years. Not only that, but I feel empowered knowing that my actions matter and that I can make a difference. “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things from the panhandle to the keys,” said Demings who’s running for the U.S. Senate.

6. Go for the shade!

It wouldn’t be a rally without shade. I must admit that it was amusing to see a crowd “boo” to the mention of popular names such as DeSantis and Rubio. Even President Biden got in on the action! “My predecessor was the first president since Hoover to have fewer jobs than when he came into office,” said President Biden.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at America’s polarized two-party system. This is why I believe everyone should attend a rally at least once in their life.

Juniors Sara Gelrud and Luiz Gandelman listen to Val Demings’ speech. Demings is running for a seat in the senate and delivered a provocative speech. “I refuse to allow my four granddaughters to grow up in a country with fewer rights than a man,” Demings said. (Sara Gelrud)