Top Five Halloween Costumes to Wear This Year


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These are some of the top picks for Halloween costumes this year as per what was hot in pop culture. If you aren’t wearing them, you’re sure to see someone else who is!

Diego Collazo, Staff Writer

This year has been filled to the brim with many different movies and shows that people loved. The hottest in pop culture is a big factor in what people will be wearing for Halloween this year. These are the top costumes as per what was popular in pop culture this year:


Elvis Presley 

Many people are familiar with the famous singer and performer Elvis Presley. However, for those who weren’t familiar with him before, they likely are now after the release of the movie “Elvis” in June. The movie was successful and although many people have previously dressed up as Elvis for Halloween, many more will likely continue to do so this year. You can buy an Elvis costume on Amazon.


Maverick from Top Gun

Top Gun Maverick is the most watched movie of this year. The sequel to the 80s film took the world by storm and has shattered many box office records. The movie hit theaters this past May, so of course many people will be rocking Maverick from Top Gun. The costume is available on Amazon and many different stores like Party City.


Eleven from Stranger Things

Stranger Things was considered one of the biggest shows of the summer with it dominating the socials. On TikTok in particular, songs like Master of Puppets blew up after its use in the show. The show’s fanbase is one of the strongest and one of the main characters, Eleven, will for sure be a very popular costume this year. The costume is available on Amazon.


Number four: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is considered one of the more notable superhero films to be released this year, particularly thanks to the unique style of director Sam Raimi. Like many superheroes it has been a popular costume to wear but due to the release of a new movie many people will be seen wearing Doctor Strange’s revamped outfit this year. The costume is available on Amazon and many different stores like Party City.


Fans loved the latest “Spider-Man No way Home  movie that came out this year. This year like most will continue to carry the hype of the web swinger, with an influx of decked out spider man’s hitting the Halloween streets this year. The costume is available on Amazon and many different stores like Party City.