Annual Club Rush Leaves the Blue Dungeon Abuzz with Excitement


Paulino Mercenari

Students rushed to the Gym for the annual Club Rush. The event was held during both lunches and advisory to make sure students could take their time going through the wide variety of club offerings.

Paulino Mercenari and Samantha Gitlin

There are few events throughout the year that fill up the Gym as much as Club Rush. Nearly every student on campus, seniors and freshman alike, storm the Blue Dungeon to see the booths that have been set up. 

“Energy wise it’s always high, it’s hard not to be excited when people are promoting the clubs they care about,” Said Activities Director Danielle Bowen. “That, and everyone is always on a sugar rush.”

Posters, flyers, and banners covered the Gym, with enthusiastic club members showing off their hauls won over from the clubs. Most clubs gave out candy, baked goods, and pins to any student that would sign up. Additionally, many new clubs made their debut. 

“Among the new additions this year we had fishing, board games, and communications (American Sign Language) clubs.” Bowen said. Many new service clubs also made their first appearance.  “Raider to Raider, Road Raiders, Students Without Limits, and Stitch for a Cause” all maintain some degree of community service in their core objectives.

One organization is on its second year run after a pause due to the covid pandemic. The Uniteen Club is an annual talent show that donates all proceeds from ticket sales to Achieve Miami. “The money is used to buy books and all the materials needed to help the kids they tutor.” Said senior officer Esther Enekes “Anyone can sign up, you can tell a joke, you can sing, you can dance, you can do anything to show off your talents.”

The reception to Club Rush by the majority of students was positive.

“[Students] loved having it during both lunches and advisory because it really gave them the time to really look at the booths and get to know all the clubs.” Bowen said.

A student signs up for the Uniteen Club. Members of the club will help organize Uniteen’s annual talent show. (Paulino Mercenari)