Swim Season Takes Off With a Win Against Miami Country Day and Carrollton


Carolina Milano

One of the boys swimming team members competing in a relay race.

Eduardo Kingston, Sports Editor

The swim team dominated over Miami Country Day (MCD) and Carrollton at their first meet of the season, held on Aug. 30 at Miami Country Day School.

The girls’ team beat MCD 185-88 and Carrollton 180-98, and the boys’ team beat MCD 173-93. The girls team won all three relays and placed first in nine of 11 events. The boys team followed, winning two relays and finishing first in nine of 11 events.

“The season started off great, we have done an excellent job working together and focusing on technique. Now we are going to get more into our swim meets and will work more towards racing, and from there we’ll continue on with our season,” said coach Christopher George.

After winning states last year, the girls are the team to beat. Even though they are a young team, they are all focused and determined to win states once more.

“We have a lot of work to do, we need to show up to practice every day so that by the end of the season our main goal will be achieved,” senior Cassandra Kraft said, “we definitely have a target behind our backs, but I’m really confident that we will win states just like we did last year.”

The boys, on the other hand, lost many swimmers since most members graduated last year. However, many young swimmers are stepping up and are showing to be a great addition to the team. 

“We lost a few great swimmers, but we also have a lot of rising talents on the team,” senior Daniel Preston said, “we are going to get to work to show that we can hit those times, and beat some of the previous times of the team. We need to do well and win.” 

The Raiders next home meet will take place at the Upper School against Doral and LaSalle on Wednesday, Sept. 14. They will then travel to Belen Jesuit Prep School on Sept. 16 to race against Belen and Lourdes.

The boys and girls swimming team started off strong at their meet against Miami Country Day and Carrollton on Aug. 30. Both teams placed 1st in nine of 11 events, with the girls winning all three relay events.  (Carolina Milano)