Morning Traffic an Issue as Students Return to School


Otto Hellmund

A traffic holdup upon attempting to enter the upper school campus.

Otto Hellmund, Staff Writer

After two months of sleeping in, students are finding it hard to adjust to the morning traffic pattern. 

“I get to school around 7:40, but it takes me a full 20 minutes to find parking and get to class,” senior Chiara Zecchini said.

Changes to the school schedule and entrance lanes to parking are part of the reason for the congested traffic flow during the morning rush hour.

“We’re in an adjustment period right now, and as time passes everyone will adjust their schedule to the traffic, meaning that the holdup won’t be as bad as it is right now,” Dean of Students Tyrone Sandaal said.

This is especially more apparent as the time draws closer to the start of the school day. Senior Anthony Iser feels that the traffic entering the Upper School campus is worse this year than last year. 

“Last year it only took me about five minutes to get to school. This past week it’s been around 15 minutes to get here, and I only live one mile away,” said Iser.

One way to avoid this heavy traffic is to arrive around 15-20 minutes before classes begin, according to Security Officer Alonya Kelly. 

“On every school day other than Wednesday, traffic starts to get really bad at around 7:40. On Wednesdays the hold ups while entering the campus occur around 8:50-8:55. The closer it gets to the start of class time the worse the traffic is,” said Kelly. 

Another way to steer clear from the congestion entering the Upper School campus is to carpool with friends, according to junior Augustin Crepy. Crepy carpools with three of his friends so they don’t have to take their cars to school.

“I believe that if we all come together and start carpooling with more of our friends, we will make the traffic flow that much better for our school,” said Crepy.