Liverpool and Real Madrid Face Each Other in the 2022 Champions League Final


Liverpool and Real Madrid make up the 2022 Champions League Final in Paris.

Eduardo Kingston, Staff Writer

On May 28, 2022, two of the greatest clubs of European soccer will go head-to-head in the Champions League Final.

The final will be played in Paris, France, where Liverpool and Real Madrid will compete to become champions of Europe. To reach the final, Liverpool beat Inter Milan (Italy), Benfica (Portugal) and Villarreal (Spain). Meanwhile, Real Madrid played PSG (France), Chelsea (England) and Manchester City (England).

“As a Real Madrid fan I have a really good feeling about this match. Real had by far the hardest matches to get to the final and they were all insanely good games,” said sophomore Felix Montesano. “We also recently just won the La Liga for the 35th time and that just gives the players more confidence.”

What makes this match exciting is that back in 2018, the teams faced each other in the Champions League final in Ukraine. Real Madrid was victorious and won the match 3-1. One of the most impactful memories of the match was how Sergio Ramos injured one of Liverpool’s best players Mohammed Salah in the beginning of  the match.

“I’m super excited for this match, it’ll be a great rematch of the 2018 Champions League final,” said senior Ethan Melendi. “I love how Salah has a chance to get revenge on Real Madrid after what happened in the last final they played. As a Barcelona fan I would not like to see Real Madrid lift that trophy for the 14th time.”

Benzema, Real Madrid’s best player this year, had a record-breaking Champions League campaign so far. Not only is he the top-scorer with 15 goals, but he is about to break Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of most goals in the Champions League knockout stage in a single year. Both players have 10 goals.

“It’s really impressive how he’s come into his own at Real Madrid, and since Ronaldo left he has become their main man and the guy they rely on in big games,” said sophomore Sebastian Ulloa. “He had a really impressive season and it seems like he’s only getting better with age.”