Review | Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


Marvel Studios

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in his new movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Jade Garcia, Staff Writer

After so much conversation and hype surrounding the upcoming film, Marvel Studios released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 5, 

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

Since the first movie’s release in Oct. 2016, fans (including myself) were desperate for this new movie and what it had to bring. Luckily, I was able to watch it on release day and it left me with a lot to say. After the movie, I was in complete shock and at a loss for words.

When the trailer first released, I was left extremely satisfied and excited for what was to come. I was excited to see Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) again, and to meet new characters like America Chavez. As a Wanda fan, I was left miserable at the end of WandaVision—Wanda’s last seen studying the Darkhold and setting up her journey to find her kids in another universe as her corrupted alter ego, The Scarlet Witch. So many people went crazy all over social media about the ending of WandaVision. When it was revealed that she was going to be a big character in Doctor Strange, I absolutely lost it. Then, I finally watched the movie.

It started straight to the point with the watcher finding out that dreams are actual occurrences in another universe, which I think is such a cool idea. About 20 minutes into the movie a new character, America Chavez, was introduced. America’s powers are basically just being able to jump through different universes (without being able to control it though). After America Chavez revealed to Strange that someone is out to get her, Wong (The Sorcerer Supreme) saw that it was witchcraft being used and not sorcery. This immediately brought me to my feet because I knew Wanda was about to be introduced into the movie, and I was right.

Everyone knew Wanda was going to be a villain, but I didn’t expect for it to turn out the way it did. Her whole plan was to take America Chavez’ powers in order to travel through universes to get her kids. After losing almost everything in her life, I feel like they just kept adding onto her trauma in the movie which made me extremely frustrated. When America Chavez shows Wanda’s kids their own mothers evil behavior, they immediately become scared and this breaks Wanda out of her evil alter ego. Because of this, she crushes herself with a whole building in order to never let the Dark Hold tempt anyone.

Personally, I think she isn’t really dead because we didn’t see the body but this still doesn’t change the fact that I am completely heartbroken. Seeing your favorite character develop through the films after all her past trauma just to “die” in the way she did was not satisfying at all. I was extremely let down at her ending in this movie, but I am confident it’s not the end for her. Something else that I wasn’t satisfied with was how pushed back Doctor Strange’s character was because the conflict was more between Wanda and America Chavez. It almost felt like Strange was a side character in his own movie. I think the plot of the movie got a little lost and confusing as it kept going on. There were just some things that were so random, like when those demons were attacking Doctor Strange outside of the Scarlet Witch’s throne. I thought that was a little weird just because it was so random. I feel like I wasn’t able to soak in the movie and everything was moving at a fast pace. 

I do love how they made the movie somewhat suspenseful. There were parts where I actually jumped because of the scene on the screen, which I absolutely loved. I do wish that they included more horror scenes because that would’ve really added more to the movie in my opinion.  Since we saw a lot of Wanda in this movie, I think one of the main parts to point out was Elizabeth Olsen’s performance. Olsen’s ability to portray the same character with two different mindsets and states of mental health was amazing.

The trailers had revealed so much good content that it’s almost as if I expected for there to be more to this movie. Overall, the movie wasn’t bad at all, just a tiny bit underwhelming. I’m the type of person to watch Marvel movies over and over again, but I don’t see myself watching this movie many times.