FCD Presents on Addiction and Drug Abuse


Madison Aguilera

An FCD drug educator presents to the senior class about addiction and drug prevention during Community Time on Wednesday.

Madison Aguilera, Staff Writer

Last week, a group of women from the Freedom From Chemical Dependency (FCD) organization shared personal experiences with addiction and passed them along to students. The group covered several periods of Directed Study classes, spoke to juniors via zoom, and gathered with seniors in the gym during Community Time on Wednesday to hear a presentation. 

The goal of the FCD is to share personal mistakes that presenters themselves have made in the past, with the aim of helping prevent young minds from making the same mistakes.

 “What’s super cool about everyone in this role is we are all in recovery, so therefore we can speak from a been-there done-that standpoint,” said Stacy, a FCD drug educator who presented to the senior class. “We see this as an opportunity for students to ask us any sort of questions they might have.”

FCD has worked all over the world to provide kids and the adults who care for them with the information, awareness, and skills they need to make informed and healthy decisions regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Representatives use their personal addiction encounters as well as national data to support their presentations.

Presenters also educated students on the effects that drugs and alcohol may have on a person’s mind. 

“Young people who rely on addictive and/or harmful substances to ease boredom, have fun, reduce worry, or cope with feelings may never be able to learn these skills on their own,” said Ann, another FCD drug educator.

Many students, such as senior Krysten Sanders, felt that the presentation made a positive impact on their thoughts of substance use.

“I don’t use substances and never will, however, now I know the negative effects it can have on someone in the short term and the long term,” said Sanders.