Traveling? Here Is What You Need to Know.


Amy Davis/The Baltimore Sun/TNS

The Southwest Airlines check-in counter at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is seen busy by pre-dawn Sunday morning on January 2, 2022, as many holiday travelers headed home.

Andrea Lahrssen Comenges, Contributing Writer

Suitcase? Check. 

New outfit? Check. 

AirPods? Check. 

Covid vaccination card… Huh? 

That’s right, if you’re planning on traveling anytime soon, or are just a frequent flier, you need a vaccine card on hand. Pandemic traveling has its rules, and has new requirements to go where you love and do what you love. 

Going abroad without your vaccination card is like traveling without your suitcase. “To get into any restaurant or theater show, we had to show our vaccination cards,” says senior Adriana Leyba, who traveled to New York City over Winter Break. 

Depending on the state, rules with the vaccine card may differ, but in the busy cities like New York, they aren’t cutting any slack with COVID-19. Also, along with your vaccination card, you may be required to show an identification card or something including your date of birth to ensure you are vaccinated.

“If you’re not vaccinated and you go to New York City you basically can’t do anything,” said Leyba. 

While not all US states are this strict with their rules, 30 out of 50 states have declared that they can and will ask for proof of vaccination to partake in public events or traveling. However, if you travel out of the country, the rules and restrictions change.

“I don’t think I was ever asked for my vaccine card in London,” said freshman Micaela Navarro. 

Many think that these strict rules are a hassle, but for many travelers, having vaccinated people around them makes them feel safer and less at risk of getting themselves or their family members sick. 

The CDC states that most places can allow digital forms of the vaccine card as valid proof of your vaccination. Some people decide to scan and keep the card in their notes app, and if you have an iPhone, you can even file it in your Health app.

“I think it’s strangely normal because we are getting so used to it,” said Navarro.

The new normal is showing your vaccination card and wearing your mask, something that has become routine for most people.

“I want to travel more, lately I have been feeling safer than before because of the amount of people vaccinated,” said Leyba.

Overall, for lovers of traveling, the world is opening up again, and as long as you stay safe and follow rules, there should be no turbulence on your trips.

Safe travels!