Miami Dade Youth Fair Opens for Fall


The Miami Dade County Youth Fair will be opening in November this year, unlike its usual spring commencement.

Madison Aguilera, Staff Writer

A different time of year, but the same amount of fun: the Miami Dade Youth Fair is opening back up from November 18 -December 5, 2021. As the Youth Fair had to delay its reopening dates due to the pandemic, unlike previous years, it will not be held in the spring this year.

Unlimited ride tickets are $25 and admission tickets are $10. Rides, games, shows, exhibits, and entertainment will be included in purchase of ride tickets. Admission includes entry, all entertainment shows, and admission to all events at The Barn, The Garden and student competitions inside Arnold Hall. Rides are not included with an admission ticket.

The Youth Fair is known for their delicious food, with more than 150 stands set up around the Tamiami Fairgrounds.

In addition to the return of rides and entertainment, the famous BMX bike show is back for the Youth Fair. The BMX stunt show features the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show including tricks performed on a half-pipe and box jumps.

The circus is also making its return at the fair this year. Year after year, the circus treats fairgoers with a show filled with thrills, comedy, and stunts that children and adults of all ages enjoy. According to Miami’s Community News, the annual Youth Fair exhibits more than 63,000 student projects to nearly 600,000 Youth Fair guests and, in 2017, awarded more than $530,000 in college scholarships, cash premiums and awards to students.

Last year concern over coronavirus led to the cancellation. The fair is back and as the slogan calls: “be there the fair!”.