Commentary | Dolphins Defeat Houston Texans


On Nov. 7, the Dolphins won against the Houston Texans with a final score of 17-9.

Tommy Thornton, Contributing Writer

The Miami Dolphins faced off the Houston Texans at Hard Rock Stadium. Both teams were 1-7 before this match, so it wasn’t likely for the Dolphins to get blown out this time. Quarterback Tua Tagoviala was out for this game with a fractured middle finger on his left hand, so Jacoby Brisset took the field that day. The Dolphins did win this game with a score of 17-9, but it wasn’t a win to be too happy about.

The defense played well, with three interceptions total and a forced fumble. The Dolphins defense just Houston to nine points this whole game. What was worrisome on the other hand was the offense with just 17 pints scored. Jacoby Brisset had a total of two interceptions making bad reads, going 26/43 out of his passes. Brisset only threw for 1 touchdown. The fins’ passing game wasn’t on point, so wasn’t the running game for them. On the ground, Miami had a total of 47 yards which is horrendous. The lead running back Myles Gaskin averaged 1.7 yards per carry. With a total of 72 plays on the field, the fins just scored 17 points. That is not what Fin fans want with the competition against the Ravens next game.

One thing that the Dolphins need to work on is keeping the same pace throughout the whole game. The Dolphins tend to play well in the first quarter, usually leading other teams on the scoreboard early on. With just keeping that offense rolling and fortunately scoring points on the board, the Dolphins can be legit playoff contenders like they were last season. As the defense finally coming back to its top 5 form, the offense really needs to step up.