Slideshow | Eighth Graders Experience High School for a Morning

Some booths featured interactive activities, such as a “Build-Your-Own Adventure” game created by Prep students at the English booth.

Ian Uccelli, Assistant Sports Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 28, eighth grade students bussed to the Upper School Campus for breakfast, student-led tours, and other presentations by high school students. At the orientation, the eighth graders learned what a day in high school is like as well as what the Prep has to offer.

“It was really nice to meet the incoming freshman and be able to talk to them,” said sophomore tour guide Victoria Figueroa. 

Members of student government in all grade levels had the opportunity to serve as tour guides, taking groups of eighth graders around campus and into classrooms. At the end of the tour, the guides took the eighth graders to the Student Union to visit booths demonstrating each of the Prep’s academic departments.

 “[We want to] just have them be enthusiastic about coming for next year and joining the Upper School,” said Admission Director Vivin Saavedra. “So that’s why we want them to see everything we offer academically and touring.”

The goal of this orientation was to get the eighth graders excited about coming to the Prep, as well as getting them acclimated to the campus and where everything is. In addition to learning from high school student guides, the 207 eighth graders met some administrators and were able to ask questions.

Another way Prep students were involved in the orientation was by managing booths, where they presented information and interactive activities.

“I spoke to the students about the yearbook class, answered any questions they had, and promoted the class to the tour groups in the student union,” sophomore Pilar Vargas said.

Although the eighth graders were only at the Upper School campus for the morning, learning about where everything is and about some of the classes they might be interested in taking was a valuable experience to set the expectations for their high school years.