Senior Crystal Silva Models Human Body in 3D Art Project


Madison Aguilera

Senior Crystal Silva makes a plaster model of senior Victor Quirch’s back for her 3D art class.

Madison Aguilera, Staff Writer

Senior Crystal Silva dipped a square sheet of plaster in a white plastic bowl of water. She lifted up the soaked sheet and carefully placed it on senior Victor Quirch’s back. She picked up another sheet and kept going. This was just one of the many pieces that Silva made as part of her 3D art series. 

The point of this assignment was to complete a concept of producing a series of sequential visual forms. “I was doing a sustained investigation and I chose Victor Quirch’s back for one of the models I made, ” said Silva. She used vaseline, water, and plaster to complete this experiment. 

“I think she is working with a very interesting topic, dealing with the human figure, and she has done a great job so far, ” commented AP 3D art teacher Maribel Toledo, who supervised Silva’s projects.

Silva has been experimenting with different techniques. “It has been pretty interesting, I can see the improvement from my very first piece,” said Silva.

Quirch enjoyed the opportunity to be part of Silva’s series.  “This piece gave a very deep visual concentration of a human back. I feel like she did a great job and it was so cool to be able to see a model of my back,” said Quirch. This has been a learning process for Silva, and she says that every time makes a new piece for her sustained investigation, she sees improvement. 

Silva chose the sustained investigation because she thought it would be a great addition to her portfolio. Silva enjoys working with plaster and water because it is a simple and fun way of making 3D art. She looks forward to continuing to work with figures of the human body and continuing her improvement on these unique pieces of 3D art.