Slideshow | Bella Dose Performs Live on Campus

The four members of Bella Dose performed in the gym on Oct. 6.

Eduardo Fernandes Kingston, Staff Writer

On Oct. 6, Bella Dose, one of the world’s first bilingual Latin girl-groups, spent a day on campus and performed songs for the student body during the Community Block. The event was part of the school community’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which spans from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

The group formed in 2017 and is composed of four Latin-American women, Brianna Leah, Melany Rivera, Thais Rodriguez and Jennifer Hernandez. Before creating the group, the singers spent six months at a training program, where they learned music theory, choir, drama, and dance to help them prepare for the next steps in their musical careers.

With a Latin background, Bella Dose aims to represent Hispanic-American culture through their songs and dances.

“We really like to incorporate both cultures because we are American-born, but our parents come from a different descent, so we try to include different slangs and rhythms from each country,” said Rodriguez. “We try to make it as authentic as possible while still incorporating that American flare and bass.”

Bella Dose performed in the gym with all grade levels present. Some students who were previously unfamiliar with Bella Dose expressed their surprise with the group’s talent. Students enjoyed watching the performance and even had the opportunity to take pictures and join the singers on the gym floor.

“I thought that the presentation was very intriguing and fun and I think they are all extremely talented,” said sophomore Ana Catherine Guimaraes. “Once the presentation started, I noticed how much fun of a time I was having and how good they are.”

The members of Bella Dose hoped to leave a positive impact on the Prep, helping students discover new songs they may like as well as receiving support for their musical careers. In addition to their performance, Bella Dose visited Spanish and dance classrooms to discuss their lives and careers with students.

“When we perform we want to give you guys the energy, and we want to see the energy from you guys too,” Leah told The Raider Voice after engaging with students. “We love going to the crowd and love to connect with you guys.”

The members of Bella Dose spend hours every day in their studio, working on producing and writing their songs. They also work with their choreographer, Julian Turner, who designs dances for performances and music videos. Bella Dose and Turner have been working together since the group’s creation.

“I love being the choreographer and I love being part of [Bella Dose’s] journey,” said Turner. “I have trained them every single day for the last four years, I teach them the dance steps, choreography, visuals and anything that comes apart with the group.”

The group’s unity was one of many things that stood out while they were performing.

“I love how they were all together as one team and how they worked together to make sure the show was on point and well conducted,” Guimaraes said.