Alumni Football Players Face Off in Division I Game


Eduardo Cachon and Robert Burns

Alumni football players Eduardo Cachon and Robert Burns took a picture together after facing off on Sept. 4. Both Cachon and Burns also wrote for The Raider Voice during their time in high school.

Ian Uccelli, Assistant Sports Editor

Two Gulliver alumni (and former The Raider Voice staff members) Eduardo Cachon and Robert Burns faced off in a Division I college football game on Sept 4.

Burns, who graduated from in 2017, played for the University of Connecticut against Eduardo Cachon of the class of 2021 played for Holy Cross. These two alumni were excited to play against each other and even took a photo together after the game. Burns is currently a graduate student working on an MBA at the University of Connecticut and Cachon is a freshman at Holy Cross.

In the game, the Holy Cross Crusaders defeated the University of Connecticut Huskies 38-28. Holy Cross had more total yards and rushing yards but fell behind in the passing game, and with 3 interceptions thrown for the Huskies it was hard for them to recover.

“It was definitely exciting to play against someone who went to Gulliver as well. It just reminded me of the [place] that we come from and the hard work that we put in that did not go to vain,” said Burns. “It’s just a great reminder of how amazing of a coach that Coach Sims is and it was really, really fun.”

Burns and Cachon never played high school football together, but still knew each other and looked forward to seeing each other in a college setting. During the Sept. 4 game, Burns and Cachon were never on the field at the same time since both play offense, but they still enjoyed experiencing their own teams facing off.

“I loved playing against other Gulliver alumni because it really shows that Gulliver gets guys to the next level and really shows the brotherhood we have regardless of who we play for at the next level,” Cachon said.

High school had a big role in the football lives of both players, and helped to prepare Burns and Cachon to excel at the next level.