Administration Cracks Down on Vandalism


Eduardo Fernandes Kingston

After an email Sept. 14, Dean of Students Tyrone Sandaal announced that the pool deck would now be closed for students eating lunch. This is one of several measures taking place following instances of school vandalism.

Eduardo Fernandes Kingston, Staff Writer

Instances of vandalism on campus prompted a strong administrative response last week, in connection with the recent TikTok trend “devious licks.”

The trend involves students filming themselves stealing objects from school or destroying property such as removing exit signs or soap dispensers from bathrooms. While some may find humor in the trend, it poses serious consequences.

On Sept. 14, Sandaal sent an email to the student body reminding students of vandalism policies and the consequences to the school community.

Dean of Students Tyrone Sandaal sent out an email to the student body on Sept. 14, discussing this issue. Sandaal wrote that if students decide to disobey the Student Code of Conduct by vandalizing school property, they will be subject to disciplinary consequences. 

“It wasn’t the type of thing we usually see here, [vandalism] is usually impulsive, like writing on the wall or scratching into the stall door,” said Sandaal, “this is a bit more violent and destructive, and subsequently I learned that it’s attached to the TikTok trend.”

Sandaal attests that those caught may face harsh consequences.

“There are severe consequences possible, so we always talk about probation, suspension, or expulsion,” Sandaal said.

Many students agreed that the TikTok trend had gone too far.

“We shouldn’t be doing that stuff. I think that we should come together as a school to be more mature, and stop vandalizing things,” junior Madison Aguilera said.

Besides administrative consequences, acts of vandalism also cause additional costs to the school and work to those who would be in charge of repairs and/or cleanup. Sophomore Lorenzo Jaime appreciates that Sandaal sent out the email regarding vandalism, and agrees that an administrative response was necessary.

“I think the email was a very thoughtful choice from our Dean of Students and I appreciate his efforts to stop the devious licks,” Jaime said.