Why Is Knitting So Relaxing?

Ainsley Kling, Opinion Editor

Purl, Stitch, Purl, Stitch, Purl, Stitch.

This rhythmic over-and-under motion offers a way of relaxation for those who love the craft of knitting. The purl stitch is the first type of stitch many learn. I began knitting during the pandemic, as I had more time to explore new hobbies. I had always wanted to learn how, but I never truly sat down and taught myself until then. I learned by watching Youtube, which is accessible to anyone.

I made this blanket as a gift. Knitting is a skill that I learned that also helps me relax in a productive way. (Ainsley Kling)

The first couple of projects that I worked on were very rough, and not great-looking. However, despite the challenges of learning a new skill, I persisted as I soon discovered how relaxing knitting is for me. As someone with ADHD and anxiety, I am constantly jittery and moving around. Knitting gives me the outlet to move around, as well as do something productive. This has created a marked improvement in my behavior in class, as I have noticed that I am much calmer since I began the practice.

For me, knitting is also a way to feel a sense of accomplishment. You work on a project for days, and when you finally finish you feel this sense of pride at what you just did. Knitting is also something that you can constantly get better at, as you can make countless creations after developing a set of skills. I have mainly made pillows and blankets. Knitting, however, is pretty heavy investment on the front end, as you generally have to buy a wide assortment of needles.

Most of all, knitting is a way of relaxation and achievement that I use as a way to destress and calm down. It helps me practice mindlessness, and while I am knitting I tend to go into a meditative state. The yarn unwinding as it is slowly stitched into a creation is so satisfying to watch. A homemade knitted gift is perfect for a loved one, as it shows the thought and care you have for the person. Knitting, at least to me, has many benefits which lead me to continue practicing even as I get busier, as well as believing that more people should take up this timeless craft and skill.