School Uniforms: A Safety and Security Issue


Ainsley Kling

Juniors sport a wide range of uniform (and non-uniform) apparel. According to administrators, students should keep in mind that while there are some compromises, uniforms serve an important safety and security purpose on campus.

Ainsley Kling, Opinion Editor

Walking through the school hallways in between classes, one may see students out of dress code. This may have been exacerbated by many having learned remotely last year, and not having to worry about the dress code policy. For some students, the uniform raises issues in terms of comfort and fit, especially in terms of the uniform bottoms. 

“I don’t like the fit of the pants because it seems like they were all cut for children,” said junior Ava Levine.

While students have a wide range of gripes about the uniforms’ appearance, Dean of Students Tyrone Sandaal recommends solutions for students with pressing needs for different pants or shorts. 

“If you don’t feel comfortable with the options that Dennis Uniform provides, there is an accommodation,” he said. According to Sandaal, parents have reached out in the past to request that their child be allowed to purchase similar-looking pants and shorts from another store, then have the required “G” school logo embroidered on them.

Sandaal stressed that the uniform policy must be adhered to, especially in terms of maintaining safety and security on campus.  

“Being majorly out of dress code is a security issue to a degree,” said Sandaal. “We are saying that the uniform helps us identify who belongs and who doesn’t.”

The school dress code is a polo shirt and navy or khaki shorts with the branded “G” embroidery. The consequence for students who do not follow the dress code is a detention.

According to Sandaal, another reason for the continuance of uniform policy is equality and consistency among what students wear to school. The uniforms are a necessary measure for a variety of reasons — the dress code is not in place to make students suffer unduly, but rather to keep the campus safe and secure.