New Clubs: Saber Craft Choreography


Miranda Rodriguez

Senior Caroline Isom, president of the new Saber Craft Choreography Club, wields her lightsaber with anthropology teacher Mario Cubas, one of the club’s sponsors.

Miranda Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Upon the arrival of Club Rush on Sept. 8, many students expected to see the usual round of clubs: the Business Club, the Astronomy Club, and last year’s new Gameplay Club. However, to many students’ surprise, there were plenty of new clubs to choose from this year. One of the most popular was the Saber Craft Choreography Club, sponsored by anthropology teacher Mario Cubas and psychology teacher Thomas Timko.

“[Cubas and I] would take classes on how to do lightsaber choreography [at the Scottish Rite Temple],” explained Timko, who waved a lightsaber on display for any passing students during Club Rush. “So we thought, okay, it would be a great idea to teach about lightsabers, choreography and everything that Saber Craft has to offer to students over here.”

The Saber Craft Choreography club recruited new members interested in saber fight performing at Club Rush on Sept. 8 (Miranda Rodriguez)

According to their description on the new Five Star app used by students to find information about clubs and activities, the purpose of the Saber Craft Choreography Club is “to bring together students interested in fight choreography, specifically using props, and learn the principles of fight choreography in a group setting.” So far, the club has received over 60 signups.

“I am a huge Star Wars fan, and of course whirled a lightsaber wondering what it would be like to fight with one,” said senior Caroline Isom, the president of the Saber Craft Choreography Club. “That’s the real beauty of extracurriculars and clubs: it gives students a chance to try something new and different, not just a spin on what they learn in the classroom, while giving them a chance to learn something about themselves and connect it to what they’re studying.”

Isom, Timko, Cubas, and the Saber Craft Choreography Club’s other members hope for the new club to continue to grow and give students the chance to pursue their love of Star Wars and saber fighting in an exciting hands-on setting.