Sage Dining Dishes Out New Lunch System

Sage Dining brings back pre-COVID lunch system along with new options for students and faculty.

Eduardo Fernandes Kingston, Staff Writer

Transforming the lunch experience from plastic bags and cardboard boxes back to salad bars and plates, Sage Dining has changed its ways in giving lunch to students and faculty as coronavirus protocols are updated .

There were several major changes to lunch this year compared to last year. Last year, students would have to use plastic bags to carry cardboard boxes filled with pre-prepared food. The salad bars and the panini press were also closed.

“The main difference that you can see is the buffet,” said Sage caterer Maria Daniela Moscoso. “Now you serve yourself as you were supposed to before. Everything used to be in plastic.” Moscoso also stated that the cafeteria panini presses have returned, along with the self-serve the salad bar featuring two types of salads and toppings. There is also grab-and-go pasta and pizza available in the Student Union if students want to change things up.  

This change has caused students to debate opinions on this new lunch system and if they preferred the convenience of last year’s lunch.

“I think this new lunch is really good, especially the salad bar with lots of different choices of meats, and I thought it was really cool how they had a station with guacamole and chips,” Sophomore Allison Podvin said. Podvin believes that there was a positive effect on how the new lunch system is organized and served.

On the other hand, some students didn’t really enjoy the way this new lunch system was displayed. “So far the new lunch hasn’t been how it was last year,” said sophomore Dante Garcia. “I know it’s only been two days, but yesterday it was kind of hectic. The lunch lines get really crowded at the same time.” Garcia believes that there is a lot of confusion in how students enter the cafeteria since it creates a long line. Garcia also said that “Last year’s lunch in COVID was better because we could just pick it up instead of having to wait in a huge line.”

Although students will have to readjust to the routine of lunch lines and self-serving, many are grateful that the new lunch system is one way things are going back to normal.