Gameplay and Business Club Come Together to Host “Mining for Microloans” Fundraiser


Paulino Mercenari

The Gulliver Gameplay Club and the Business Club teamed up to host an online fundraiser in honor of underprivileged female entrepreneurs through the game Minecraft.

Paulino Mercenari, Copy Editor

In light of March as Women’s History Month, the Gulliver Gameplay and Business Club came together to host an online fundraiser in honor of underprivileged female entrepreneurs. This event was hosted through the popular online game, Minecraft, and took the form of a player-versus-player competition representing many of the different clubs at Gulliver. 

The novel event led to several ideas and concepts on how to run it. In-game footage of the tourney showcased an entire arena built for the sake of this event, with a sprawling handmade logo of the Gulliver Gameplay mascot. Along with signs that read “Go Raiders!!!” in a thematic blue font.

The tournament participants included representatives of the Heal, Astronomy, Business, Gameplay, and POWER Club. By the end of the high-stakes tourney, the Gameplay Club proved victorious in the finals, going up against the Astronomy Club in the final matchup. The event began at 9:00, running until 11:00. Initially meant to be a live-streamed function, technical difficulties resulted in the discontinuation of this feature, so the creators opted to create a video summarizing the whole event.

“The Gameplay Club settled on Yolanda Joana as the female kiva entrepreneur to donate money to, and $75 dollars were donated,” stated Business Club President, junior Antonia Lemann.

After a night of such excitement, it can be easy for people to forget what the reasons behind hosting such an event were; one meant to celebrate the accomplishments of women by pledging money to ensure that bright underprivileged female entrepreneurs are able to succeed. 

“It was a great way to raise awareness to women’s history month and also support a cause,” said Lemann. “We had some hurdles along the way but in the end everything worked out perfectly. We all had a lot of fun.”