Internet Scoop

Samantha Gitlin and Mateo Lowe

Construction happening on campus resulted in a sudden Internet crash across the school on Thursday, Feb. 25, forcing all students and teachers to attend class remotely on Friday. Samantha Gitlin and Mateo Lowe have the scoop on what happened, and thoughts from members across the school community.


On Thursday, all classes came to a halt when a wifi shortage occurred at the Upper School campus.

“So my understanding is that the construction crew accidentally cut threw a line,” said Dean of Students, Tyrone Sandaal.

Despite the interruption, some classes were able to keep on track. Since many teachers have been dealing with technology problems all year, they were able to be flexible with the situation. Teachers were not able to use their computers so they had to improvise.

“It has been an interesting experience. I have learned to go with the flow this year. Obviously I can’t teach a lesson with some students remotely and some virtual so of course lessons have to be pushed back,” said Mr. Kennedy.

“Some of us tried to use our hot spots to do our assignments,” 9th grade Joaquin Becker added.

When the wifi initially went out many students were shocked and did not believe it. Online students had to reach out to those in person to find out why their teachers had not started zoom meetings. Students were able to catch up on studying and start their homework. They also had a chance to talk and connect with other teachers and students.

“Ya to an extent I got to connect with my teachers in a way that wasn’t necessarily about school and we got to kind of take the day off and relax,” said 12ths grader Gabriel Almeida.

“Honesty in the beginning I was kind of happy because I got to take a break and take a nap during my class,” 9th grader Priya Alibhai explained.

Abby Sharp, a 1th grader added, “Well right now my teacher and I are out on the field with the other classmates.”

The wifi outage provided a break that many students enjoyed.