Hits and Misses: Predicting 2021 Fashion Trends


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Fashion Show, Catwalk Runway Show Event. Detail of lined up rear view, fashion models.

Sabrina Bierman, Social Media Editor

Instagram and TikTok have served as echo chambers for fashion trends throughout 2020, and this seems to be the same for 2021. Influencers, models and TikTok celebrities have set the tone for what will be “in” this year. From slipper shoes to colorful overcoats, here are some of the predicted fashion trends of this year. I’ll add my own input, of course, as to what I think works and what doesn’t. 

Let’s begin with dissecting the basic staple pieces which will make an appearance this year. Basic staple pieces are essential to creating a “fit” as they lay the foundation for the accessories. According to Harper’s Bazaar, oversized button up tops, colorful overcoats, and windbreakers are must-haves for this season. 

While I can always appreciate a sleek basic oversized button-up top, maybe paired with a leather jacket and some Chelsea boots to top it off, I am somewhat on the fence about the other aforementioned items. Statement pieces such as a colorful, patterned overcoat can often be a hit-or-miss, as the coat will serve as the glue for the outfit. I think in order to pull a piece such as this off, you must have a specific look in mind and find other pieces that compliment it. I do not see this trend as a total miss, but I do think purchasing a piece such as this is a commitment and you must have preconceived outfit ideas in mind when delving into a purchase such as this. Now when it comes to windbreakers, I would say these are a complete miss. When I think of windbreakers and athletic jackets, I instantly get Adidas tracksuit vibes, and this was an era in fashion history that should never repeat itself. I think it can be extremely difficult to make an item such as this work without looking like a “soccer mom.”

If clothing pieces are not paired with the appropriate accessories, then I believe they will remain as clothing pieces and never become a “fit”. A few pieces which I would like to pick apart from The Spring 2021 Accessories Trend Report by Vogue include slipper shoes, lanyard phone cases, fashionable masks, as well as medium-sized bags in simple colors.

Slipper shoes— eww! Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to throw on your Birks for an early morning yoga class, but I wouldn’t go spending $300 on a pair of Balenciaga slides and calling it fashion. I believe there is a time and a place for everything, and the time and place for slides is an 8 a.m. coffee outing, not on the runway. When I saw lanyard phone cases on the Vogue 2021 Accessories Trend Report, I honestly thought it was a joke. Not even Bella Hadid could pull off carrying her phone on a lanyard. There is no possible way to make wearing a lanyard on your neck stylish: I would like a designer to prove me wrong. Masks have come in clutch in 2020 and will be following us into this year; I think wearing a mask is not only tasteful and can be stylish if done right, but masks also protect the health and safety of those around you, which should always be trendy. I would say medium-sized bags in simple colors are a classic: they can be utilized in many different ways and can add an edge of sophistication to any outfit. Although there are many great brands out there, when making an investment such as this, you must first consider quality, not just big names, and then the style of bag as well as your price range. 

Overall, I would say 2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year in the fashion world. I think the trends of this year accurately reflect the phrase “out with the old and in with the new.”