Parents Association Committee Surprises Seniors with Congratulatory Yard Signs

Senior Amanda Gonzales

Laura Attarian, Managing Editor

The Parents Association Committee surprised seniors Friday morning with congratulatory yard signs outside of their homes. The signs provided a sense of community, recognizing seniors’ hard work and accomplishments.

A group of parents spent the night placing individual yard signs outside of over 200 homes. The next morning, seniors were asked by their first block teachers to step outside and check out their sign. 

“When my Spanish teacher told everyone in my class to go outside, I got really confused,” senior Ashley Ubalijoro said, “When I saw the sign I felt super happy, it was such a cute idea.” 

A group of senior parents volunteered to place senior signs on student’s lawns overnight. The next morning, parents captured their child’s reaction to the unexpected gift.

“It felt pretty amazing to help make the senior’s last year just a little bit better, even if this was something small,” senior parent Barbara Concepcion said.

The signs offered a special sentiment to the class of 2020 with the words “we [heart] our seniors” and “#Gulliverstrong, as well as a gold star for Lifer students. The signs were a welcome sight for students who felt like they had lost so much of their senior year. 

“I was so grateful that the school and parents did this. Everything I’ve looked forward to since I was a freshman was cancelled, so it definitely brightened my day,” senior Eda Aker said.