Congressional App Challenge

Laura Attarian, Managing Editor

Computer science juniors recently were announced as one of the two winners of the Congressional App Challenge for their Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) locator app.

Every congressional district in the country hosts an app challenge and the winners of each district go to Washington D.C. to present their app to members of Congress.

“They’re given the opportunity to go to special seminars where they learn more about programming skills and network with STEM outreach coordinator‘s tech companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and  Paypal,” Said computer science teacher Dean Morell.

The purpose of the AED app is to ensure that whenever an emergency occurs and someone goes into cardiac arrest, those around the victim are able to find an AED as fast as possible.

“Every second matters in these situations and speed are key. Many people go into cardiac arrest every day and, thus, it was a problem we wanted to solve” Said junior Jordan Schmidt.

For juniors Jake Charron, Joshua Delgado, Kamal Kay-Ramos, and Jordan Schmidt, their contribution to the app was important not just for themselves as high school students but for the community and to help as many people as possible. Although the AED locator app was a long process, in the end to all four of the hard-working students it was worth the excessive work.

“This is by far my most successful coding project. It is a lot of work but the result is amazing and this can really help the people that we interact with every day” Said junior Joshua Delgado “I hope that this app can spread throughout different communities to help out all those who need it, there is no end to the possibilities of this app.”

By the first week of April, the app should be in the AppStore, Google Play and Android devices. April is when the house of coding events will occur and the team of AED locator will have the opportunity to present their app to members of Congress in Washington D.C.