Sagrado Cafe Brings Authentic Brazilian Cuisine to Miami

Laura Attarian, Managing Editor

After spending years in the U.S. trying to find a restaurant that brings the flavor from home to America, I found Sagrado, the small independent restaurant opened by the founders of a Brazilian Brigaderia. The homey decor of the establishment, the semi-industrial atmosphere and the aroma leading to the juice and gelato bar once you open the door are all pieces as to why everyone comes back for a second taste, but what truly makes this a one of a kind experience is the irresistible food.

The rustic ambiance of the restaurant is combined with modern decor and creates a perfect atmosphere for Brazilians to gather and for people new to Brazilian cuisine to take a dip in the culture.

The first time I visited Sagrado, I ordered slices of picanha with rice, farofa (a cassava flour side), potatoes, and a drink of Guaraná for the authentic Brazilian experience. Before the main course had arrived, I was pleased to receive the iconic pão de queijo as an appetizer, and by the time I was finished devouring the delicious little cheese balls, my dish had arrived. At first glance it looked absolutely mouthwatering, my stomach growled begging me to take a bite as I stood to take a picture of the plate. When the picanha reached my tongue I knew Sagrado had become my favorite restaurant. The picanha was succulent and perfectly cooked and rightfully seasoned, while I knew there is no Brazilian restaurant in Miami that could compare to the juicy taste of everything on my plate, I wasn’t sure I could think of a single restaurant in Brazil that reaches the level of flavor that I experienced here. 

I came back the following day and the server had already recognized me, she gave me the menu but I knew what I was going to order before I even left the restaurant the previous day. This time, I opted for a Stroganoff, an originally Russian dish that is popular among Brazilians. After once again devouring my pão de queijo, my plate had once again taken mere minutes to arrive. This time, accompanied by rice and fries, the stroganoff smelled almost as amazing as it tasted. My taste buds were more than satisfied. The rice was cooked just to the point where it wasn’t dry or wet but it was perfectly balanced with the Stroganoff. The Stroganoff itself was absolutely perfect, and it made me realize I have never truly had tried that dish until that day and I savored every last bite.

The true specialty at Sagrado is the breakfast. The brunch and breakfast menu is a lot longer and contains more variety than the lunch menu and recommended by anyone who has eaten it.

Sagrado is located right across from the American Airlines Arena on 900 Biscayne Blvd r102, Miami, FL 33132. With museums, shops, and much more entertainment around the area, this restaurant is the perfect place to lunch in after touring the area, even your dog is invited to munch on some biscuits as it is pet-friendly. Sagrado opens on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 6 pm.

Along with the out-of-this-world gastronomy, the atmosphere and “vibe” of the restaurant along with the friendly servers make this restaurant a 5 out of 5 stars.