Biology Students Welcome a New Slithering Class Pet

Laura Attarian, Managing Editor

The IB Biology Juniors met at Petsmart and each chipped in to purchase a ball python as a class pet. Franco is now the newest member of the HL 1 class and will serve as an educational tool for the students.

“At first we wanted a chameleon but it was too much maintenance, so we settled on a beginner snake instead,” said junior Gerardo Naranjo, “Most people thought it was ‘gross and scary’ but after spending two hours at Petsmart, everyone was convinced it would be a cool class pet.”

Although Franco was not cordially welcomed by all members of the classroom, this Ball Python has become a partner to all students in room 104 and will serve educational purposes as well.

“We as teachers don’t want it to be our responsibility, so we had to get parents involved and have them say that they are also responsible for costs and for the snake during the holidays,” said biology teacher Kirk Nieveen.

The class is fully responsible for the wellbeing and maintenance of the snake. Students also have the duty of cleaning the enclosure and are charged with bedding and food expenses. They all gather after school once a week to feed it together.

“Right now she’s shedding so it’s hard to feed her, but usually we all just come here after school, heat a cup of water, dip a small mouse in it, then feed her.” Said junior Clara Meyer.


Franco constricts a mouse for his next meal. Photo by Laura Attarian.
Franco gets ready to strike and eat a mouse. Photo by Laura Attarian.