Student ID Cards Set New Security Standards


Julian Concepcion

Student holds up their ID to the new scanners in order to enter into the protected areas. After the valid ID is scanned the scanner turns green and then flashes blue while the door is unlocked.

Julian Concepcion, Staff Photographer

Security has always been a major concern in schools. Whether it’s hiring more security guards or installing more cameras in hallways and buildings, schools take measures to keep their students feeling safe and secure. 

At the Prep campus, students are now required to wear lanyards with an identification card on them. Wearing IDs at school is becoming a common sight, however, the new ID cards at the Prep include an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in the cards. 

“These new IDs with the chip in them will be used to access several main buildings such as the student union, the lunchroom, the library, and the gym,” said principal Jonathan Schoenwald. 

On top of the new ID scanners, lockdown buttons are also being installed in the hallways of the school. When pressed, the button will send an alert to teachers informing them that a lockdown has been initiated and instructing them to follow the guidelines of an intruder alert. About a minute after the button has been pressed, all of the ID scanners will be disabled so that doors can only be opened by faculty and staff. After there is an all-clear, the scanners will reactivate. Student reaction has been favorable to the new ID policies and the overall security system.

“The new door features actually encourage everyone to wear their IDs since they go beyond simply identifying students, but are required to enter key areas in the school,” said junior Nicolas Paredero Quiros.

“I feel a lot safer knowing that the school is taking all of these measures for students,” said senior Javier Concepcion. 

Students are required to wear their IDs at all times. If If someone does not bring their ID, they must go to the main office and get a temporary one. If the ID is lost, students are charged to replace it, as the IDs are no longer just for show and are now a “key” to unlock doors.

“You’re putting extra pressure on security,” said Dean of Students Tyrone Saandal, “and on top of that, a detention will be attached to it.”

 The new IDs and the lockdown buttons are just some of the new security measures implemented to keep students feeling safe and at ease.