Senior Prank: Pointless and Annoying


Students were greeted by a red senior wall on the morning of May 2 in the area outside of the cafeteria. This was one of the the results of the senior “prank.” Seniors had permission to paint the wall and sign their names. Photo by Laura Attarian

Laura Attarian, Staff Writer and Photographer

The annual senior prank is one of the traditions seniors look forward to. While it was fun for them, it disrupted class and became a major inconvenience for the maintenance staff.

When students and faculty first arrived at school, they encountered a mess of balloons and yarn. The entire campus was tangled in white, black, and red strings filling every corner of the campus. Students struggled to unlock their lockers and attend class as it tied around locks and doors. Seniors also surprised the 300s hallway with hundreds of balloons, which interrupted class when they popped, startling students. The prank also consisted of misplaced items and the traditional painted red wall with the words “Senior 19” painted across it. All seniors wrote their names on the wall, leaving their mark on campus as they approached their final high school days.

Although humorous at first, the prank soon got aggravating. Despite being called “senior prank day,” it truly felt like the only people being pranked were the maintenance staff. These people who already have a workload every day to maintain our campus clean, had to fit another pile of tasks to their schedule. Maintenance had to spend the entire day cleaning up the mess, cutting away the yarn and wiping the remains of balloons and any other litter left over from the prank.

It is unfair that the only people who have to suffer the consequences of this silly tradition are the maintenance staff, they have nothing to do with the senior prank and shouldn’t have to clean it up. Next year, upcoming seniors should be held responsible for cleaning the school as they are the ones that put it up in the first place.