Visual Arts Department Hosts its Annual Art Exhibition

Laura Attarian, Staff Writer and Photographer

The visual arts department held its annual art exhibition on Apr. 24 at the Prep campus. The evening event featured artwork from students enrolled in all levels and disciplines of visual arts.

“The art show is always really fulfilling, just to see all my hard work and dedication put up makes me feel like my art is worth it, I’m really excited for next year for my wall” Said Junior Taylor Quintero.

Seniors who participated in visual arts during all four years, could display their body of work through their own walls. Those enrolled in AP and IB art were required to create a wall as part of their curriculum.

“I’ve been doing art ever since I could hold a pencil, it’s like an outlet for me and I’m going to pursue it in college. My wall is like a step into my mind and a clash of my more risqué art with my traditional academic art. It’s a mix of everything I’ve ever learned and me pushing all the limits, so it’s really exciting to have all of my soul and this entire process displayed on a wall.” Said Senior Sam Starke.

This year’s art exhibition also included an alumni section that featured work by former students.

“We invited the alumni to see the work of other alumni as well as display their own art and enjoy the rest of the art show,” said art teacher Stacy Goldman.

The jazz ensemble performed during the show and guests were also treated to food and refreshments.

“This is my third showcase and it’s always one of my favorite events here, the food is good and the art is always beautiful to see,” said junior Carlos Sanchez.