Students share their literary pieces during Gulliver Writes hosted by NEHS


Senior Olivia Hernandez reads an excerpt from her most recent novel at Gulliver Writes. The NEHS board selected a wide variety of student-written pieces to feature. The event took place in the student union on Apr. 10. Photo by Lara Russell-Lasalandra

Lara Russell-Lasalandra, Copy Editor and Video Producer

Students shared their creative writing with family, friends, and English department faculty during the Gulliver Writes event, which was hosted and organized by students on the editorial board of The National English Honor Society (NEHS).

“The purpose of the event is to showcase the immense creative talent of our student body,” said senior NEHS editorial board member Leah Byod.  

During the months leading up to the event, NEHS editorial board members chose 20 pieces to feature from a large pool of submissions. The selection process was especially competitive this year, as the board received the highest number of submissions to date.

“We had every single English teacher submit pieces from their students and we also encouraged students to submit pieces on their own. After all the pieces were in, we read all of them and discussed in a group whether or not it should be included in Gulliver Writes,” said senior NEHS editorial board member Nicole Nixon.

The board welcomed all forms of literary art from many genres, including romance, drama, horror, realistic fiction, and more. Students read everything from love poems to excerpts from self-published, science-fiction novels.

“We don’t really care if a piece is seen as ‘awkward’ or ‘taboo.’ Anything goes as long as it’s well-written and the students are passionate about it,” said Nixon.

Students sold booklets containing all the works featured to raise funds for next year’s event.