Journalism Students travel to NYC to receive CSPA Silver Crown, attend media and yearbook sessions

Lara Russell-Lasalandra, Copy Editor and Video Producer

Journalism Students pose for a group photo outside the library at Columbia at Columbia University on Friday, March 22. Photo by Julian Concepcion.

Journalism students traveled to New York City to attend the 95th Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) conference from Mar. 20-22. At the conference, the 2018 Raider yearbook received a CSPA Silver Crown. The journalism students attended informative seminars at Columbia University during the convention to fine tune their skills in both yearbook and newspaper as well as explore new avenues.

“I really enjoyed my Environmental Reporting 101 class because it taught me how to accurately report global climate change so I can make a difference,” said sophomore and staff writer for the Raider Voice, Pedro Schmeil.

The classes were taught by journalism professionals and teachers from across the country. Each one shared their specific expertise to help students improve their publications.

“My favorite teacher taught me the importance of precise language when writing and speaking. He showed me why we should avoid overusing the words ‘like and um’ so we can refine our speech and talk with more clarity,” said sophomore and staff writer for the Raider Voice Marina Soares.

Students took on New York City by dining at several restaurants, riding the subway, and going to the broadway musical “Kinky Boots.” While they enjoyed every restaurant, they especially loved the food at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

“I think the dessert at Max Brenner was the best part. I ordered a chocolate pizza and it was the best dessert I’ve ever had,” said Soares.  

Another favorite activity was the escape room. Students separated into two different teams and entered identical, New York-themed game rooms from which they had to escape within an hour.

“I literally paid to get anxiety, but it was still fun. The best part was getting out of comfort zone and really bonding with people I don’t normally talk to. Besides that, we won so that was also really fun,” said Schmeil.

Students will give presentations in their journalism classes, sharing what they learned from the sessions in the coming weeks.