Students and staff celebrate Pi Day with math challenges and pie desserts

Lara Russell-Lasalandra, Copy Editor and Video Producer

Lara Russell Lasalandra

The math department hosted Pi Day on Mar. 14, where students and staff celebrated the popular mathematical constant with pi-related festivities.  

Students brought over 150 homemade and store-bought pies to to the student union where everyone could come and feast. Math teachers agreed to give extra credit to kids who brought something to the pie-potluck.

“It’s in honor of Pi Day, of course, 3.14 is March 14. The idea is kids will donate a pie and then get an extra credit ticket to use and give to their math teacher,” said parent volunteer Stephanie Ehrling.

There were many options to choose from. Pies came in so many flavors; however, Key lime, apple, and oreo pies were particularly popular.   

Participants wore the Pi Day T-Shirt designed by senior Elizabeth Vair. Vair got her inspiration from her friend senior Karan Mirpuri and rock band Queen.

“[Mirpuri] came up with the idea of the pi-cycle and we came up with the slogan from the Queen song ‘I want to ride my Bicycle,’” said Vair.

Math teachers organized exploratory activities during class so students could learn more about Pi and how mathematicians can derive it.

“The students in the geometry class are working on a little demonstration to understand why Pi is between three and four. A lot of times we memorize the digits or we see it in a formula but why is it between three and four? Why not four and five? Why not five and six?” said math teacher James Goldberg.

Students also participated in two Pi Day challenges. The first challenge was the Pi memorization event, where students wrote down as many digits of Pi as they could remember. They also took a 20 question math challenge exam in class after school. Teachers will announce the results of both of those events by the end of the week.