Students and Faculty Gathered in Memory of Javier Cañedo


Photo by Nicole Schwyn.

Senior and varsity soccer captain Alvaro Gonzalez Rico speaks to faculty and students during the assembly in memory of sophomore Javier Cañedo on March 6. Following the assembly, students gathered to offer each other support. Some spray painted messages on the athletic field while others wrote messages on papers set outside of the cafeteria.

Pedro Schmeil, Writer and Photographer

Students and staff came together on the morning of March 6, to pay their respects to sophomore Javier Cañedo. The day started with an assembly geared toward offering support and counseling, at both the Prep and Miller Drive campuses.  

The news broke on Tuesday afternoon, leaving students in a state of shock and disbelief. Tests and after school activities such as sports and after school testing were canceled.

Soccer teammates remembered Cañedo by wearing his number “19” as a sign of respect and solidarity.  Team captain Alvaro Gonzalez Rico, spoke to students during the Prep assembly, asking to remember the moment in tough times and reminding them that together they can overcome anything.

Outside the cafeteria, posters were available for students to write messages in memory of Cañedo and offering condolences to his family. Bereavement counselors were also on site for students and faculty.

Students took to social media outlets, posting messages of love and remembrance.  

The student body and faculty will gather for a candlelight vigil at 6:30pm on the Sean Taylor Memorial Field at the Prep campus.