March 6: Observations of Strength and Support


Students hug one another as they pass each other in the halls yesterday as they left the schoolwide morning assembly in memory of sophomore Javier Cañedo. Signs of support were evident throughout the day, with students writing notes and spray painting messages on the Sean Taylor Memorial Field. Photo by Olivia Martin-Johnson.

Olivia Martin-Johnson, Contributing Writer

School today was nothing like it was yesterday.  Walking in the halls felt like walking into an empty house.  Silence, just me and my thoughts. People passing me did not look like people.  Everyone had straight faces, heads down, eyes bloodshot red from crying, and their arms around others for support.  They were taking this time to cry on each other’s shoulders.

Not one word of happiness, not one smile, not one giggle– today was as if the world was thinking to itself.  Today was different. Today was quiet. The combination of a quiet assembly and the overall atmosphere of sadness gave people something to cry about, even if they had never spoken to Javi.  Teachers respected the faces on their students, giving them the hour of class to reflect and connect with their feelings.

Our community came together at a time of need; people of every grade grieving their lost friend and helping others in their coping as well.  All I can say is that the strength shown by students proved he left an impact in everyone he touched. I did not know Javi, but after coming to school today, I felt as if I did.