Galentine’s Day: A Friendly Alternative

Fictional character, Leslie Knope from TV show

Fictional character, Leslie Knope from TV show "Parks and Recreation." In the show, Knope creates a day as "Galentine's Day" to celebrate friendships. This is a captioned screenshot from the Galentine's Day episode of the show (Season 2, episode 16), where Knope describes Galentine's Day as "only the best day of the year."

Sara Ferrer, Staff Writer and Media Manager

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The key to a fulfilling Valentines’ Day, single or not, full of fun and void of tears is simple: don’t celebrate it. Instead try Galentine’s Day, where hopes and heartbreaks won’t be a problem and you can focus on the love that matters most to you. Depending on your relationship status, February 14th is either a day to love or a day to hate. Typically, women are most affected by this day as they are overwhelmed with desire to be spoiled and showered in love through idealistic romantic gestures like chocolates, flowers, big teddy bears, and nice dinners. Contrary to popular opinion that Valentine’s day is just about one person loving you or being in a relationship, it’s most important to appreciate all the love in your life . Single or not, this day is best when celebrated with anyone you love.

Instead of Valentines Day, celebrate Galentine’s Day. A day to love and shower your best girl friends with attention whether they are in a relationship or not. Galentines was created less than 10 years ago by fictional character Leslie Knope from TV show, Parks and Recreation. Although it is not an official holiday, it has become something so popular that people have actually celebrated it these past couple years.

How can you celebrate Galentine’s? It’s as simple as doing whatever you and your girls love to do. Whether it’s wearing  pjs and stuffing your face with chocolate, playing games that will leave ex boyfriends in shame, crying to the best rom-coms, or an instagram-worthy girls night out, the options are limitless. Gifts are optional, depending on how much you want to spoil your girlfriends. Cosmetic products, jewelry, pjs, or chocolate, are all things that will be greatly appreciated by your gals. Again, if your going to invest in gifts, the options are limitless because it’s all based on the preference of every unique friend group.  

Although Galentine’s Day is more focused towards women, anyone can celebrate it. It’s a day of celebrating and appreciating your closest friends and the people you love most. Its corny, cheesy, cute and guaranteed to turn that dreaded day in mid-february into an event worth posting.