Students and staff celebrate colorful cultures during “It’s A Small World”

Lara Russell-Lasalandra, Video Producer and Copy Editor

Students and staff embraced their cultural diversity during the “It’s a Small World” event orchestrated by the world language department on Feb. 7. The event celebrated the various ethnicities that the student body represents as well as highlighted the different foreign languages the school offers.  

“Today I’m planning on coming to “It’s A Small World” event. I’m going to be at the Chinese booth and I’m going to introduce Chinese culture to the students,” said sophomore Jennifer Fu.

Students brought in samples of traditional foods from their home country to share during both lunches. They also showcased their cultural customs during the assembly in the blue dungeon. Students and professionals performed live music, slam poetry, dances, and much more.  

“I’m doing the traditional Cai Dai Wu Dao for China. It’s a ribbon dance. [The ribbon] is made out of silk,” said freshman Margaret Miao.

Each foreign language set up a booth in the Blue Dungeon to engage students. The new booth for the language portuguese promoted the IB class that the school will offer next year.

“We are going to show something about the Brazilian culture, the food, the places in Brazil, and about Carnival. We have Portuguese IB which is a very important thing that’s going to begin next year so it’s the time for promoting the language,” said Portuguese representative Julianna Castor Nevez.