Intermediate drama students take the stage by storm in “Brainstorm”

Lara Russell-Lasalandra, Video Editor and Staff Writer

Freshman Tobias Becker Flah performs in Ned Glasier’s “Brainstorm” on Jan. 26. The play addressed teenage life by breaking the fourth wall to interact with the audience. This was the first play Becker Flah performed in as part of the intermediate drama class. Photo by Lara Russell-Lasalandra.

The 5th period drama class performed Ned Glasier’s ensemble community play “Brianstorm” on Jan. 26 in the drama room. “Brainstorm” was the first play the intermediate drama students ever performed in front of an audience.

“I’m so excited to give my intermediate students an opportunity to get on stage and perform in front of their family and friends,” said drama teacher Jessica Fox.

“Brainstorm” was only one of many plays that students will perform as part of the new program for the intermediate drama class.

The show was a self-realized, theatrical “investigation” into the modern teenage mind. Characters explored the issues and emotions that commonly accompany adolescence. “Brainstorm” engaged the audience directly with activities designed to reveal their own inner teen.  

“There really isn’t that much of main character versus a secondary character. We are all just working to put together a cohesive show that’s super relatable,” said sophomore Eva Sneller.  

Students practiced with Fox during class and after school before opening night. Fox said they worked very hard, practicing from “bell to bell” every period. Although it was demanding at times, freshman Edward Bannon said rehearsing “Brainstorm” introduced many acting techniques that gave him a more sophisticated theatre experience.  

“Gulliver is a lot more professional and a lot more organized [than my previous theatre troupe]. Everyone is very focused and wants to be here,” said Bannon.