Memes mocking Netflix’s “Bird Box” movie shatter the internet

Lara Russell-Lasalandra

Julian Edwards and Sandra Bullock in “Bird Box.” The Netflix movie inspired many Internet memes following its release. (Saeed Adyani/Netflix/TNS)

Netflix’s “Bird Box” starring Sandra Bullock is a much stronger source for hilarious online memes than compelling motion picture. The film’s unoriginal, shaky plotline and poor acting make it a dry horror flick. However, the movie is an outstanding internet joke.

“Bird Box” takes place in a dystopian future where a significant portion of the global population commits suicide after seeing what seems to be a horrific vision. The story suggests that the mere sight of this mysterious force or creature drives perfectly sane people to kill themselves. The film follows the story of Malorie Hayes, played by Bullock, as she seeks to protect two children from the evil force. Characters wear blindfolds and black out their windows to shield their eyes from potential threats.

Within the first two minutes of the movie, Hayes barrages a young boy and girl, literally named “boy” and “girl,” with a long rant about keeping their blindfolds on no matter what. The amount and ridiculous intensity of the yelling is simply comical.

And the internet agrees. Shortly after its release, memes highlighting the sheer stupidity of the film flooded Instagram, Twitter, and other social medias. One of the most famous “Bird Box” memes mocks Bullock’s aggressive conversation with the two four-year-olds by inventing awful reasons to remove the blindfold, such as making sure a significant other doesn’t snoop through your phone. The caption of a photo of a man peeking out from behind a white blindfold states, “me in ‘Bird Box’ when she’s going through my phone.”

There have also been memes pointing out the blatant similarities between “Bird Box” and Critics’ Choice Award Winner “A Quiet Place.” In that film, blind alien monsters attack the planet by hunting and killing anything that makes noise. “A Quiet Place” is one of the most highly ranked horror movies on Rotten Tomatoes, and for good reason. It’s originality and excellent cinematography make it a truly outstanding film. “Bird Box” appears to leech off the the success of “A Quiet Place” since it copies so many of the movie’s elements. The caption of a meme with  the “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box” movie posters side by side says, “‘can I copy your homework?’ ‘yeah just change it up so it doesn’t look obvious you copied.’”

“A Quiet Place” masters suspense; it keeps audience members on the edge of their seat throughout the entire film. The plot is creative, yet relatively simple and easy to follow. Putting it politely, “Bird Box” leaves too much room for interpretation and is overly ambiguous. It’s very confusing, and the audience has to concentrate on piecing together details rather than festering in the fear.

There is no question that this movie is unoriginal, stale, and confusing at best. However, the fact that “Bird Box” is such a great movie to poke fun at might make it worth the two-hour investment.