Seniors complete trio of team-building activities during class trip

Zachary Letson

Between climbing a ropes course, kayaking, and building handcrafted rockets, Seniors had an exciting time on a hectic day. Photo by Vanessa Rosales.

The Senior Class took on a ropes course, kayaking, and rocket building during an eventful day at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus on Dec. 13. The grade split into three separate groups and rotated around the different activities in the morning and afternoon.

Each of the three different activities were engaging and fun for the students. The American Ninja Warrior-esque ropes course provided an opportunity for participants to showcase their agility and balance. 

“My favorite part was the camaraderie that was shown while we were climbing some of the obstacles. It seems as though everyone was cheering each other on,” said senior Robert Cancio.

The kayaking race was all about strength and chemistry between two teammates as each boat held a pair of contestants during the competition. In a baton-style race, one pair of students kayaked together, completing the course and making it back to the starting point before the other contestants on the team could begin their lap.

“It showed a lot of coordination that I wasn’t expecting,” said senior Jorge Gonzalez.

The rocket building required each group to take a strategic approach. Groups had to first solve a set of riddles that would lead to the supplies needed to build their rockets. 

“The rocket building was definitely fun. It showed a lot of teamwork, and afterwards we could all just laugh if it [the launch] went horribly wrong,” said Gonzalez.

  The three events presented challenges for students that required them to collaborate and work as a team. 

 “The most enjoyable aspect was hanging out with my friends and doing things I normally don’t do. It’s important to be comfortable being uncomfortable,” said Cancio. [The trip showed] that given the opportunity, our grade most certainly is able to come together and work together.”