Students and teachers perform in Uniteen Talent Show

Lara Russell-Lasalandra

Students and teachers participated in the annual Uniteen talent show, which raised funds for achieve Miami and We Help Two on Dec. 4 in the drama room.

The show featured over 20 performers with a wide variety of talents. Participants sang, tap danced, played instruments, recited poetry, faught lightsaber battles, and so much more.  

“Every year the proceeds go to charity. This year we are supporting Achieve Miami,” said English teacher and Uniteen sponsor Timothy Bielawski.

Achieve Miami is a local outreach program that supports better education for underprivileged students. The talent show also provided a platform for students to raise funds for We Help Two by selling vegan socks at the door. We Help Two raises awareness for children with clubfoot.

“We’re working with the organization We Help Two, and what we do is basically sell socks to raise awareness,” said junior Adriana Lemus.

Psychology teacher Thomas Timko and anthropology teacher Mario Cubas reenacted lightsaber battle scenes from “Star Wars.”  When Timko finally defeated Cubas, they opened the floor to audience members who wanted to join. After briefly instructing them on lightsaber-wielding techniques, audience members dueled it out on the stage.


Video by Lara Russell-Lasalandra