Students debate at “change my mind” tables during the mock midterm election

Lara Russell-Lasalandra



Students gathered in the Blue Dungeon during lunch on Nov. 6 for a mock midterm election. Before voting, they also had the opportunity to visit “Change My Mind” tables led by fellow students to hear both liberal and conservative perspectives on this election’s voter amendments and controversial topics.

“I’m arguing that the Russia probe into the 2016 election should continue,” said senior Zane Bataineh.

Senior Eugenia Giampetruzzi said, “immigrants that are already residing within the country should be allowed to remain.”

“I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized,” said junior Henry Brian. “However, recreational marijuana should not be legalized.”

The tables were a huge success, as many students had a lot to learn from one another about today’s controversial political issues.

“I thought [the felony voting table] was interesting because I didn’t even know that they were trying to legalize felony voting,” said senior Nicole Nixon.

After visiting the tables and debating topics with their peers, students received ballots to choose their favorite candidates and answer questions related to the topics. Students even received a sticker once they executed their civic duty and turned in their ballots.


Gulliver Prep’s Mock Midterm Election Results. Infographic by freshman Kathleen Lewis.

Video by Lara Russell-Lasalandra