Student Runs Daily Cafe

Lara Russell-Lasalandra

Students wake up eager to buy their daily cup of Joe from the Raider Cafe, run by junior Ruben Krys. The Raider cafe opens every morning at 7:30 by the clock tower. Ruben Krys also operates his stand during the first break in the atrium.

“We sell coffee. There’s two brews: the Starbucks medium brew and Dunkin Donuts. And hot cocoa as well,” Krys said.

The Cafe began with a business plan that Krys drafted. After getting the approval of Activities Director Danielle Bowen and Prep Principal Jonathan Schoenwald, his business plan transformed into Nespresso machines and coffee beans. Krys purchased the coffee makers, disposable cups, and all other equipment with his own money. Krys hopes to allow business club members to run the Raider Cafe sometime in the near future so they too will receive first-hand business experience.


Video by Lara Russell-Lasalandra