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Emi Jay: Making a “Big Effing” Statement at a “Big Effing” Price

Sara Fidler
The clip in the picture is missing several pieces of decoration. The clip is an example of an Emi Jay clip that has brought disappointment to customers.

Among the many fashion trends of 2023, one hair accessory trend stands out among the rest. Emi Jay, created by Julianne Goldmark in 2009, has taken the hair accessory market by storm with their niche claw clips. Although the brand was created around 14 years ago, it recently spiked in popularity.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, “It” girls from Kendall Jenner to Sofia Richie Grainge and even male singer Harry Styles have been seen wearing these accessories in public, becoming a staple accessory for many. And I have to confess, I have fallen into the trap.

Through their collaborations with Sephora, Juicy Couture, Frankies Bikinis, and other notable brands, Emi Jay, according to their website, is “deeply committed to making original, unique and quality hair essentials for women of all ages and backgrounds.” Or so they claim. Their most popular clip, the “Big Effing” clip, can be purchased at a whopping $34 which, quite frankly, is not worth it for an ordinary hair clip.

It is very disappointing that for the amount of money these clips cost, they are almost too delicate to be practical. Let’s be real, these clips are just pieces of plastic and how much use can you really get out of them? Just because they are more expensive, doesn’t make them more durable.

In my case, I have had 5 “Big Effing” clips snap in half even when treating them with care. That’s $170 down the drain and countless dollars spent to get the “authentic” clip for it to break. I’ve also had other clips lose their glued-on beads after only one day of use. Honestly, I could’ve used that money towards something more valuable. I could’ve also bought twice or even three times as many clips on Amazon.

That’s right, Amazon. Even they carry Emi Jay look-alikes for a fraction of the price, and some pretty cool dupes that stand up to the test. I have actually bought their dupe clips, and contrary to popular belief, they last longer. I’ll admit, the authentic Emi Jay clips are cute. The floral designs and cool patterns are pretty awesome – but they aren’t the only ones on the market, and they’re certainly not worth the hefty penny. Other than their design, there isn’t anything special about them to justify the price when you can get a higher quality clip for a much better price.

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