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Personal Narrative | A Month from Now

Michele Richardson
Senior Mia Carrasco submits her college application. Many seniors met with their counselors to submit applications. It is a stressful process.

One month from now our lives as seniors can change forever. One month from now our next four years may be decided. One month from now one click of a button may stand between a student and his/her dream school. 

Seniors who are currently awaiting their early decision college acceptances may be feeling this way. But, while this decision is important, it’s also important to not let it dictate the rest of your senior year. 

Throughout life, rejections and acceptances are often encountered. It is a part of growing up that can’t be avoided. Out of the 25,000 colleges in the world, one of them is bound to give an acceptance. The next month will offer options to some seniors but it does not stop there. Early decision agreements do not control your whole college career. 

Senior year is also filled with activities and memories waiting to be made. Yes, the stress of college applications won’t go away, but by focusing on the present you can enjoy yourself. Our red crowns dawned over us at the start of school and we wore them with pride. The color red developed a new meaning and high school was no longer daunting and scary. We were finally the oldest grade and were able to be the “kings” of the school. So why should that all stop because of a decision that comes out in one month?

Senior year marks the last year of our school experience, and along with the work and stress, there’s also fun. Seniors can look forward to events like Grad Bash and graduation. The relationships made and the connections between teachers and students will not be lost once a college decision is made. The year goes by so fast but so slow at the same time. Each moment will become a memory. 

Imagine sitting at the table, waiting to open your college acceptance letter, and looking back. Would you want to just remember all the stress of senior year, or would you want to think about all the memories you are making? One month from now should not dictate the rest of your life, so don’t forget to live in the moment.

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Samantha Gitlin, Editor-in-Chief
Sami Gitlin is a senior and Editor-in-Chief for "The Raider Voice". This is her third year as a full staff member, and she is looking forward to growing as a writer and a journalist. Sami loves to write about the community, breaking news, and controversial topics.

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