Inside the Tribe’s Culture

May 5, 2023

Deep in the forest of Bahia, Brazil, Praxto lives his ideal way of life along with his tribe. They believe their essence is a part of the forest and their lives should be free. 

“​​There I go in the river to get water and that’s what I love. I like to be there because I feel free. There are so many rules here. I love to be free,” Praxto said. 

A typical day of life for a student does not involve sitting and working, but instead immersing themselves in nature. Education is learned throughout their whole lives and is something they can find in their head and not a book. They use interactive activities to learn their two core values: welcome and listening.  School consists of sitting in a circle and learning the values, how to respect and listen, and how to play games. Each of these activities helps each student connect with nature and their history. 

Another distinct feature of this tribe is that laws are all passed orally. Nothing is written down and all the laws are internalized in the head and heart. The head and heart shape their values and way of life. They believe they should love no matter what. 

Their way of life is not only seen through their actions but also through Praxtos headpiece. The red feathers on the right represent respect. They believe society should respect each other and nature. The feathers on the left represent unconditional love. They believe in loving each other no matter what. 

The most important part of Praxtos tribe is mother nature. They believe mother nature gave them all they have including air, food, and water. Through art they try to show the importance of mother nature. According to Praxto art moves souls and the world together. They are able to speak through the art and signify mother nature contributions to the world. 

We can be closer to each other and our values. My elders say the white people lost the connection to Earth and Mother nature. I will tell you how we live and be closer to nature.”

Through Praxtos’ work, he can spread knowledge of his tribe and how the world can work together to save the Earth.

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